Our skilled team of consultants and developers are experts in all phases of database services.

Rick Stevens (President)

Rick is a people-focused, results-driven database consultant that is motivated by solving real world data challenges with practical, cost-effective database solutions. Whether developing custom web software, integrating business systems, or creating business intelligence dashboards and analytics, Rick has a track record of successful project management, team leadership, and cost containment.

Rick operated WebReliance as a sole proprietorship since 1997, offering business consulting, web application development and database services primarily to non-profit organizations. In 2006, Rick officially launched WebReliance. Experiencing early success, Rick immediately assembled a team of talented consultants and engineers to help grow and enhance the WebReliance service offering.

Rick holds a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering from the University of Cincinnati. He lives in the Cincinnati, OH area with his wife and two sons.

Rick can be reached at:

Jason Adkins (Senior Consultant)

Jason’s expertise is in all areas and stages of SQL database development. From database management/programming to BI and reporting solutions, Jason offers a full spectrum of database related knowledge. He has also worked with multiple tools in providing ETL, BI, Reporting and Application needs.

Since 2001 Jason has been developing custom solutions for SalesLogix, along with creating integrations between various systems using Scribe and Microsoft SQL. Jason also has experience with MSSQL development which includes SQL Reporting, Analysis Services and Integration Services. He is also proficient in Crystal Reports and certified on QlikView Enterprise and Professional.

Jason is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati, Ohio, with a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering. He lives in the Cincinnati area with his wife and two children.

Mark Rizzo (Director, Professional Services)

Mark is a Software Engineer and manages the development team at WebReliance. He has technical experience in a wide range of technologies including ASP.Net web applications, AngularJS, web services, SQL programming, and building reporting solutions using industry-leading reporting packages such as SQL Server Reporting Services.

Mark enjoys working at an agile consulting company that enables him to leverage his technical experience with a variety of technologies to create and deploy solutions quickly. His motivation and primary satisfaction as an IT professional comes from building technology solutions that increase end user productivity by automating time-consuming tasks, aggregating and organizing data to help management make better business decisions, and providing applications with an intuitive user interface where users can quickly and easily get the data they need.

Mark graduated from Colorado State University in beautiful Ft. Collins, Colorado, with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems. He currently lives in the Eastgate area of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Kevin Welch (Software Engineer)

Kevin brings a breadth of skills and a wealth of knowledge to the team at WebReliance. He has experience as a software engineer in technologies including both C# and VB.Net web applications, SQL, web services, SalesLogix, and emerging technologies in mobile computing and communications.

Kevin has a passion for creating data-driven web applications that make data more available, decision-makers better informed, and businesses more efficient. His goal is to break down barriers that stand in the way of understanding technology.

Kevin is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering. He lives on the westside of Cincinnati, OH.

Dennis Brown (Senior Software Engineer)

Dennis has many years of experience with software development. He currently specializes in the ASP .NET platform, SQL Server, and web technologies such as HTML and JavaScript. Before coming to WebReliance, Dennis built web applications to help utilities process rebates and enroll customers in energy conservation programs. He has also worked on clinical software for health care providers, graphics and sound features for video games, and many other challenging projects. He enjoys being involved in the solution of a complex business problem from start to finish.

Dennis graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a degree in Electrical Engineering. Later he attended Northern Kentucky University and earned a Juris Doctor degree and then a Master of Science degree in Computer Science. He lives in the Cincinnati area.