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We specialize in creating reporting and dashboard interfaces for exploring data in a flexible, intuitive, and graphical manner.


One of the most robust reporting tools available today is free! Well, it’s ‘included’ with Microsoft SQL Server. SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) has these great benefits:

  • View reports in a web browser (nothing to install)
  • Easily embed reports within custom applications or websites
  • Pull data from any data sources and marry the data together on a single report
  • Natively export reports to Excel, PDF, and many other formats
  • Dynamic cascading parameters
  • Grouping, sorting, charting, sub-reports, …
Dashboards / Analytics

While we specialize in business intelligence tools such as QlikView, we often find that the BI tools on the market are far too costly. A custom-built dashboard can usually meet the need at a fraction of the price.

Sample dashboard (custom built using ASP.NET and ChartFX):

On this dashboard, the user can configure the data/metrics to view in each of the small tables, and then choose to display them in the larger, central area in a graphical format.  Data in each table can be exported to Excel.

On this geographic dashboard, States are color-coded based on sales ranges.  The user can mouse-over a State to see the exact sales amount, or look it up in the table on the left.  The user can click on a State to drill down and see the data represented on a State map by 3-digit zipcode.

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