Mikogo (web meeting, screen sharing)

Since 2008 I have been a big fan and frequent user of dimdim.com for web meetings.  Almost everytime I used it with a client, they began using it themselves.  Lucky for DimDim, they got bought by salesforce.com.  They are going to embed the technology in SF and they’re shutting down the service to the public.  I need a new solution, and I’d like to avoid webex, gotomeeting, etc.

I know join.me is a great service, but the free version doesn’t allow you to schedule a session.  I.e., we would not be able to send out the meeting ID and call-in number in advance.  This is kind of a challenge for conference calls, but it might be workable.  It’s not ridiculously expensive for the paid version, but I have a hard time paying for this kind of technology after having such success with a free version for so long.

And then I found Mikogo – highly recommended!  Mikogo has all the features you would expect, plus the ability to take control of other people’s machines allowing you to switch from presenter-style to support-style within the same session.  Very powerful, and free!

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